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Whether you're a beginner learning freestyle, an intermediate swimmer working on improving your speed or an elite athlete looking to dominate the field. If you've tried to improve your swimming before but failed, you're in the right place. Swim Smooth is a specific program for open water and freestyle swimmers.

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The worlds leading authority in adult swim coaching!

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Swim Smooth Video Analysis Session $180

Swim Smooth is the world's leading swimming coaching company, giving you practical straightforward steps to start improving your swimming today.

We promise you:

  • Simple and straightforward coaching to make you a faster and more efficient swimmer.
  • A truly individual approach focused on your individual needs.
  • Amazingly effective results for all levels of swimmer from beginner to elite competitor.
  • A system used by hundreds of thousands of swimmers and coaches around the world.

A video analysis session consists of:

  • Very high quality filming with unparalleled insight into your stroke from above and below the water.
  • Full analysis and discussion of your stroke that is recorded for you so you can watch it back later in your own time to remember the key points covered.
  • Where relevant, you will have your stroke compared to select elite swimmers in order to highlight key points and ensure full understanding of your stroke faults and visualize what the stroke should look like.
  • You will have a comprehensive stroke correction session focusing on your individual weaknesses and the root cause of your stroke issues.
  • Duration - 75-90 mins
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Swim Smooth Coaching

Beginner, Immediate, Elite Swimmers...We have a program that is right for you!

What our clients say

I got very tangible, actionable areas of improvement. Right of the bat I improved about 10sec / 100yds. I was training around 1:45/100yds and now I am 1:35/100yds. I still feel move speed will come as I keep practicing the stroke corrections agreed during the session. Peter was very clear and factual on his observations and recommendations. - Paulo M
I have a new found motivation. I haven't felt good in the water for a long time and it's been frustrating - today something clicked thanks to the videos and the drill progression. I am psyched. I have felt frustrated and not been able to pinpoint the reasons; Peter made clear what was going on and where I need to be. The specific drills were directly applicable to my issues and their progression was something no one has been able to communicate to me in the past in a way that I was able to understand what I need to do in order to make corrections. - Lisbeth K
Peter was able to quickly identify areas of improvement and explained it in an easy manner to me. He also added things that I was doing correctly so the analysis didn’t feel like a ‘beat up’ session. I really liked how he explained the correct technique by showing videos side by side to my video. He would show areas of improvement from different vantage points which allowed me to really see what was going wrong. I have some work to do but I’m confident with Peter as a coach I will becoming faster and stronger in the water. - Allan B

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