Peter’s extensive experience gives him a unique ability – he is a guide, an advisor and a friend. Peter is is always willing to share his wisdom – whether it is setting goals for the season, planning a race, or figuring out how the training plan fits into your goals. Under his guidance I reduced my half-iron time from 6:15, to 5:16 in two years. I also finished my first Ironman and felt confident and in-control through the entire event.
Peter will help you figuring out which goals are reasonable and are achievable given the time and the level of commitment you have at your disposal, so you and your family can set the expectations before the training started.
Peter is always there for you, regardless of what triathlon-related question you might have. He has so much experience, and won so many races in all conditions, that he will have an educated and balanced opinion on any aspect of triathlon racing: from equipment, to scheduling, to handling surprises that each race will invariable have in store for you.
In addition, Peter is always there for you, especially when you need him most – right before the race day, when you might have that last-minute question that you have not thought of until the last moment.
It is hard to imagine more experienced, caring and wise coach, who genuinely cares about you and your race, and who will help you get faster and better at triathlon racing. I am very fortunate that Peter Russo is my coach.

Stas Antons, Peter is always there for you