I am 41, happily married, co-homeowner, full-time CT technologist, and avid (well, actually addicted) fitness enthusiast. I stumbled upon triathlon in my early 30′s and never looked back. By my 3rd season involved with the sport I was dabbling in long course training and had finished my first Ironman in Lake Placid. I wouldn’t say long course was instantly infectious, but I knew with a little time and direction it would be a challenge worth trying once again. I recently finished my 6th IM and am planning #7 for 2014.
By 2010 my passion towards long course was gaining momentum, and I was searching for a more individualized training schedule. That is when I approached Peter Russo. Peter is very well known in the tri community for his amazing athletic speed and endurance, two disciplines he excels at; and as a coach, Peter excels just the same. Peter listens to my personal goals and then works with me to design a training plan with the intensity and discipline conducive to my needs. Peter always emphasizes the positive, and enforces the talent of each and every one of his athletes.

Diana Lajoie, Peter always emphasizes the positive