We specialize in comprehensive training programs for triathletes and runners based on coaching philosophies developed over 30 years of training and racing experience.

These plans are not pre-programmed but tailored to each individual client. Whether you are looking to do your first Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron or Ironman triathlon, or improve your performance in one of these events, we will work together to develop a comprehensive plan that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Together we will determine how many hours per week you have/want to train and craft a plan around the hours available for training. I realize that we all have busy lives and that triathlon training is not the only commitment you have, so weekly hours training will take into account the rest of your busy schedule. We will set short term, intermediary and long term goals and implement a plan to make sure you get there.

We coach people using whatever technology they have and are comfortable with. I encourage the use of heart-rate monitors but also coach by RPE (rated perceived exertion).

We offer several levels of training programs to cater to each individual athlete’s needs. Take some time to look over the plans and choose the plan that you think will fit your lifestyle and training needs the best.

If you have any questions about which plan is right for you please contact us. We are happy to any questions you have.

You can sign up for a 3 month, 6 month, or 11 month subscription (everyone should take at least a month off from organized workouts).


This is an intensive level of coaching. If you want to get the absolute most out of yourself and your coach this is the level you should consider. Schedule is posted weekly for you on the TrainingPeaks website. Athlete keeps a log of workouts submitted to the coach at the end of each week or can fill out workout reports as they finish workouts on the TrainingPeaks website. After going over the log of the previous week’s workouts, we will work together to plan what are the exact best workouts for you to hit that upcoming week. Athlete and coach Skype, iChat or phone chat weekly and work together to get the most out of your training. Emails are also an option for the athlete. Of course not everyone has the time or inclination for an extensive phone call each week. So the option is there for the athlete to submit their workout log weekly and get their weekly workouts without the phone conversation and emailing back and forth, if that is more convenient. Questions about workouts are always welcome.

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At Level 2 the coach and athlete work in a very similar way as level one with the same protocols. Instead of conversing and working out schedules every week, we work together on an every other week (not 2x per month but every other week) basis. The athlete will still submit a weekly log (or can fill out the log on the TrainingPeaks website as workouts are completed) and each 2 week period, athlete and coach will review the past weeks work and then go over the upcoming two weeks workouts, deciding what exactly will work best for that athlete. Weekly emails back and forth are also encouraged. Workouts still posted on theTrainingPeaks website Questions about workouts are welcome anytime.

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Monthly consultation (actually every 4 weeks). At this level of coaching we work together on a monthly basis. We will work together to come up with a schedule of workouts for the upcoming month which will be posted on the TrainingPeaks site. Athlete still sends in a weekly log that is reviewed by the coach each week. Questions about workouts are always welcome.

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This is for someone who is looking for the most intense and hands on coaching possible. We will talk on a daily basis or as needed to monitor your progress very closely and decide what will work for you best that day or next few days. This level is for the person who wants to make a huge jump in their training or for the person who is just starting out and wants all the coaching they can possibly get, gaining as much knowledge as they possibly can in a short time.

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