• Training on a busy schedule

    Training on a busy schedule

    I have a very busy schedule with lots of traveling. Therefore, it is difficult for me to maintain a consistent…

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  • The Ironman Experience

    The Ironman Experience

    Signing up for an Ironman is a big commitment. It's not just a single day event, but a journey over…

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  • Confidence on Race Day

    Confidence on Race Day

    Soon after registering for my first Ironman triathlon I realized I was ill-equipped to tackle this challenge on my own.…

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  • Life Balance

    Life Balance

    I’ve worked with “Russo Racing” for 3 years now, and each year I feel myself progressing significantly as a triathlete. …

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  • Ironman at any age

    Ironman at any age

    I've known Peter Russo since the early 1990s both for his winning triathlons and as a friend. I personally finished…

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  • Marathon Training

    Marathon Training

    I began to run about six years ago, at age 48, to get into shape.  In 2010 I ran my…

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