Confidence on Race Day

Soon after registering for my first Ironman triathlon I realized I was ill-equipped to tackle this challenge on my own. I needed guidance from an experienced industry expert who could provide me with the knowledge to improve my plan in order to achieve my training goals.

Coach Peter’s objectivity and creativity were exactly what I needed. He crafted a strategy that was conducive to my training time availability and he always welcomed my input into the plan to make it as effective as possible.

Having now completed my first Ironman, I can honestly say that my decision to join Russo Racing was the right one. I toed the start line confident and in the best shape of my life.

Coach Peter had not only put together the plan to properly prepare my body for the challenge, but he took the time to meet with me on multiple occasions to review strategies to employ before and during race day that ultimately led to an extremely enjoyable and memorable race experience.

I would highly recommend that any triathlete looking to improve should take advantage of Peter’s extensive experience and expertise. I'm definitely glad that I did.

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