Ironman at any age

I've known Peter Russo since the early 1990s both for his winning triathlons and as a friend. I personally finished 11 Ironman Triathlons before I got hit by a car and quit the sport.

When I retired from my career, I decided to return to Ironman, but I was realistic that it might be harder in my late sixties. I knew other athletes who were successful through Peter's coaching, so my decision was a no brainer. 

Peter is very flexible. I'm slower and refuse to wear a watch but he tailored my workouts around that.  He suggested safe bike routes that had good hills in them.  He has run everywhere I want to run and gives me specific workouts for those routes.  Sometimes I have to take a deep breath when he has me do something I'm not used to but he is always right. 

My return to Ironman was supposed to be a "one-and-done" but I'm ready to keep doing them forever.  Most folk my age won't do them but I know I can and I owe that to Peter.

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