Marathon Training

I began to run about six years ago, at age 48, to get into shape.  In 2010 I ran my first 5k in just over 30 minutes.  I got in shape, dropped 30 pounds and continued to run and make slow progress and in 2012 ran my first half marathon in 1:50.  On my own my progress was slow with many setbacks due to injuries.  I decided to tackle a full marathon and sought the help of a coach to help me train.  I partnered with Peter Russo.  In 2013, under Peter’s guidance, I ran the Chicago Marathon in 4:11.  I realized that, while I enjoyed the accomplishment of finishing the marathon, I valued the daily running and accumulation of miles even more.  I was hooked on running and I wanted to continue to challenge myself to see what was possible. 

I initially decided to hire a coach because I was afraid of tackling the preparation for a full marathon alone.  Since that time I’ve continued to work with Peter for the simple reason that he’s been able to help me realize my potential as a runner while reinforcing my love of the sport.  After 3 marathons, 10 half-marathons and many other races at all distances I continue to look forward and improve my performance and I’ve never tired of the training.  Under Peter’s guidance I’ve become a student of running and continue to learn with each training week and with each race.      

Over the past three years I’ve continued to train with Peter and, in that time, I shaved 30 minutes off that first marathon time, achieved a half marathon  PR of 1:34, reduced my 5k time by 10 minutes from that first race and completed a number of other races with many age group placements in distances ranging from 5k to half marathons, including two 1st place finishes.   Under Peters’s guidance my performance has exceeded even my wildest expectations and I continue to challenge myself with new goals.   Because of Peter’s acute focus on my individual training needs I’ve been able to avoid serious injury and my passion for the sport grows stronger with each mile.    

In his singular and patient focus on my individual training needs and potential Peter has been able to guide me to high levels of performance while sustaining my love for running.  

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