I have worked with Peter for a couple years now. I cannot say enough about how he has helped me. Even when I have not been able to stick with the schedule he came up with for any variety of reasons, he is always willing and able to make adjustments to still get the most out of what I have done.

My results have gotten better during my time I have worked with him and I have also achieved the goals I set out with for each year. He has helped me in many aspects beyond just training whether it is with nutrition (race and in general), strength, planning, and just life in general. I could not imagine finding a better coach to work with.

Michael Medeiros, I could not imagine finding a better coach

The results I have seen from Peter's coaching services are awesome.  In my first year working with Peter I set a 25 minute PR at the half ironman distance.  In my second year I went from competing for age group podiums to competing for overall podiums.  There is no doubt in my mind that these improvements are due to Peter's coaching.  

Dana Gravina, The results I have seen are awesome

Before my roommate and I met Peter we could barley make it 25m in the pool. Peter's program allowed us to safely and effectively start from ground zero, and one year later, complete a half and full Ironman.

His program is manageable, and as a coach, he is always there for you, for any questions you have or any worries that cross your mind. Working with Peter was truly amazing!

Dan Aziz, Working with Peter was truly amazing!

More than being a terrific and supportive coach, Peter Russo is a wonderful person. He listened to me when we met and fine tuned my workouts to compensate for my physical limitations.

After completing his own Ironman race he took the time to email me that night to see if I raced, I had been struck with an illness just prior to my race, and if I had how I had made out. Peter is a coach who cares about his clients.

Deborah Batista, Peter is a coach who cares about his clients